Contemporary exterior cladding: what are the options?

Contemporary cladding in a variety of materials, colours and combinations, is increasingly popular as a way to add kerb appeal to your property. Here are some stylish exterior cladding options. Image Credit No direction Wooden cladding doesn’t have to be limited to run in just one direction. Boards running vertically add a sense of height and contrast can be introduced to sections of a home, such as around a balcony, with boards running horizontally. This adds texture and interest, even if it’s the same wood used in multiple places. Two…

What benefits do climbing frames bring to children?

Climbing is something that children instinctively want to do, which helps explain why climbing frames are adored by children. They are robust and great fun. They fire their imaginations and allow them to burn off some energy. What’s even better is that climbing frames are beneficial to children and can contribute to their physical and mental development. Here are some of the ways they are benefitting children.

A guide to generator rental

Providing certainty in uncertain times With aspects of global warming being reported almost daily across the world’s media, its effects are being felt all too often on the ground across the UK. Increasingly, planning for unpredictably extreme weather patterns, and how to ensure ‘the show goes on’ has moved into the centre ground. Surprisingly, perhaps, the issue has become one not just for emergency services but for all businesses and households across the UK.

Fancy a Wedding in the Dark? Probably Not

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. The venue, the music, the food, the photographer – so it’s not surprising that the lighting is not always top of the list. But lighting is very important, even for a wedding held in the daytime, and for evening occasions it’s vital. Here are some tips to make sure that your big day is well lit.

A beginner’s guide to building information modelling

Modern facades may have cleaner lines than those of old, but on the inside, our buildings are more complicated than ever before. Their design must take account of plumbing, heating, cooling, air conditioning, data communications, energy efficiency, security and a variety of other infrastructures and advanced material characteristics. Design parameters are often scrupulously laid down in building codes. It is difficult to meet all these parameters successfully without better ways of managing construction projects and ongoing building operation. Image Credit Building information modelling is a state-of-the-art solution. How does BIM…

Essential Oils and use in childbirth

Essential Oils are used by many people throughout the world for a variety of different reasons. They have been used for thousands of years as a way in which to cleanse and heal the body and the mind. Oils were used by the Ancient Egyptians to purify the body before a priest or priestess passed through the different chambers in the pyramids where they were given different initiations before they were allowed to work as a lightworker. These would have included bathing and being anointed with sacred oils.

Advice on Working with Historic and Listed Buildings

The UK has over half a million listed buildings and a million buildings in conservation areas. The vast majority of these buildings are private homes. When considering renovations, extensions or improvements to your home, it is vitally important to check if your home is listed to ensure you adhere to any building restrictions and to make sure you have the right equipment and professionals available.

Sunburn: Dealing With It Quickly and Effectively

It happens to everyone at some point, but there is nothing worse than working in Part Time Care London for a company like, getting to your care client and finding out that the previous day or perhaps earlier in the morning they have sat too long out in the sun. Maybe they forgot to apply sunscreen or to cover up whilst sitting outside. Before they realised they were left with a  sunburn as a memento.