Graphene will be a great leap in the manufacture of electric cars, and these vans are a good example

A very young company based in Singapore called Avevai has embarked on its adventures in the world of electrification and autonomous technology with two commercial electric vehicles: Iona Van and Iona Truck . During the Guangzhou Auto Show held in China, they presented their two electric vans, developed together with Daimler and Foton and equipped with a Graphene Energy Management System (GEMS) that, according to its creators, offers an “unrivaled” autonomy of up to 330 km. And they will come to Europe in May 2019.

Things You Should Recognize Regarding Automotive Oil Filters

What do you perceive concerning your auto? Do you perceive how to change the oil or switch a level tire? Hey, don’t stress; not all people are auto slanted. I secure that I am decidedly not. I principally see how to place gas in my auto, check the coolant level and checking the washer liquid, weigh the pneumatic force in my tires, and on the off chance that I’ve got to, alteration a level tire. That condenses my vehicle information. Not very lovely, huh? The fact of the matter is…

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Motorcycle

There is something undeniably alluring about the loud roar or vroom of a motorcycle. This is just one of the reasons you may want to get a motorcycle. When it comes to buying a motorcycle, there are a number of important considerations to make – and when you are buying your very first motorcycle, making these considerations is even more important. The last thing you want is to wind up with a motorcycle that isn’t right for a first time rider. Here are five things to consider before purchasing your first…

You’re Too Smart to Believe in These Car Buying Myths. Aren’t You?

Most people don’t understand the car buying process. Not only is it difficult to deal with sharp car salespeople, trade-in valuations, taxes, finance charges fees, extras and everything else can make the whole process completely unfathomable. As with other things that people find hard to understand, a number of urban legends have formed around the car buying process to help explain the way the system works. You shouldn’t buy into them. More often than not, they’ll get in your way. Here are a few things common myths you need to…

Do you want to buy your Dream Car without Overpaying?

Buying your dream car definitely is one of most rewarding experience of ones life. However, when it comes to buying a car the whole experience in itself is quite daunting and may also be frustrating at time. But with the right knowledge and a few useful tips you can change the whole experience of buying your dream car.