Things You Need to Know in Buying the Right Lingerie

It is quite a funny fact that thongs became one of the sexiest fashion trends for women, when in fact it was originally designed for tribal men in the ancient era for better hunting experiences. Fast forward to today, thongs are one of the most preferred undergarments by ladies because most of them do not only find it useful but it also flaunts their sexiness and confidence. Thongs are available in different sizes, styles and fabrics and you can buy them in different boutiques, whether in malls or online. There…

Velvet Shoes: The Week’s Purchases

I think we have not yet discussed the autumn trends that will become our day to day. That theme I will leave for the next few days, because today I fancied a post about shopping of the week. Yesterday I was in some of my favorite stores and I was struck by how much velvet we are going to see in the coming months. Without doubt, the velvet shoes have managed to fall in love. So today I have been reviewing what options we have in this regard.