Essential Oils and use in childbirth

Essential Oils are used by many people throughout the world for a variety of different reasons. They have been used for thousands of years as a way in which to cleanse and heal the body and the mind. Oils were used by the Ancient Egyptians to purify the body before a priest or priestess passed through the different chambers in the pyramids where they were given different initiations before they were allowed to work as a lightworker. These would have included bathing and being anointed with sacred oils.

Advice on Working with Historic and Listed Buildings

The UK has over half a million listed buildings and a million buildings in conservation areas. The vast majority of these buildings are private homes. When considering renovations, extensions or improvements to your home, it is vitally important to check if your home is listed to ensure you adhere to any building restrictions and to make sure you have the right equipment and professionals available.

Sunburn: Dealing With It Quickly and Effectively

It happens to everyone at some point, but there is nothing worse than working in Part Time Care London for a company like, getting to your care client and finding out that the previous day or perhaps earlier in the morning they have sat too long out in the sun. Maybe they forgot to apply sunscreen or to cover up whilst sitting outside. Before they realised they were left with a  sunburn as a memento.

Facing the facts on facial recognition

Computers may be getting ever more sophisticated but there are still many areas where the human brain reigns supreme. TV detective dramas regularly show the use of highly advance facial recognition software to track down the bad guy but in reality, the technology lags a long way behind what we see on screen. It is often used as way in which to catch criminals such as those involved in burglaries that have perhaps been caught on CCTV. Whilst the Locksmith Sheffield company such as that you have contact comes…

5 more things to know about children’s football academies

Football academies can spot potential and help young players to develop their skills. However, there are things that parents should know about football academies before they decide if such an academy would be the right place for their child. A possible significant factor on children making it in football is if they get encouragement from parents or carers. If parents live busy lives so that time to encourage their children is limited however then it could mean that these children don’t live up to their potential. If you are a…

The benefits of using a combi boiler.

In this day and age of increased energy use we all want to save money. It is very likely that energy costs will go up in the coming decades. There are a great many strides being made all the time in renewable energy but, for now at least, we will need to use more traditional methods for awhile yet. There is a cheaper option at the moment and that is by using a combi boiler. We can have a look at the types available but it is a good idea…

Small business confidence remains low pre Brexit

Blame it on Brexit? It appears that the UK government isn’t the only establishment floundering. Due to the extension of the Brexit deadline, it’s been widely reported that confidence in the British economy has eroded. Small businesses are generally a cautious bunch, and no-one wants to stick their neck out and get it chopped off. So, in terms of staff recruitment and investment plans, things are looking cautious.