The war between two segments of SEO

Somebody has beautifully defined ethics as a culture which, in absence of any compelling reason, does not allow a person to do things which if others do to him he finds it painful. So such culture forms the basic ingredient of the human civilization at its present stage of development. It engrosses all activities ranging from social relationship to economic and business relationship. Now this capitalist society is founded on the basic assumption that everybody has the right to own property and earn profit. But when the SEO agencies try…

Why Research Focus Groups Need Academic Transcription

Academic transcription can cover a broad range of educational needs including research interviews, training programs, lectures, conferences, and research focus groups. Though each of these situations can benefit from transcription, transcription can make a tremendous difference in the efficacy of research focus groups. The time spent in these settings can be even more effective with the proper documentation. Types of Research Focus Groups Client Participant: In some cases, a client needs to be represented in a focus group. If this is the case, a representative can participate on behalf of…

Google Search Engine Pays Attention To Description Meta Tags, But Not Keywords Meta Tags

People going in search of Keywords to get ranked their page fast and easy, but do you know that Google Search Engine Reported that Meta tag Keywords is a spam making to rank your website. Google Search Engine never pays the interest of Meta tag Keywords but highest priority goes to Meta Description. And it is not that Google Search Engine ignores all Meta tags of particular information, but it uses the Meta description to get in the search engine results. When it comes to working SEO specialist on a…

Dropbox, hacked again, the result? More than 68 million compromised accounts

Last week Dropbox started asking those users who use their application before 2012 to change their password, a preventive measure, as indicated then, it had nothing to do with our credentials had been stolen or that there had been any unauthorized access. Now, five days after that statement and reported as the specializing Motherboard, the application has again been hacked. An action that has leaked the personal data of more than 68 million users of the platform. But how exactly has happened?

Grobo, an “intelligent indoor garden” to make a plant grow single controlling it from the mobile

Products have our own urban garden or take care of our plants taking advantage of the benefits of the technology have seen a few, but a device that we directly promise to have a plant that grows alone and is controlled via an app and seems to gild the lily. That’s what promises Grobo, a gadget created by a Canadian company of the same name that offers the opportunity to see all kinds of plants grow in our own home and with minimal effort. Simply fill its tanks with water…

Train lumbar with fitball, safely and effectively

One of the most neglected when train parts are usually lower back, very few people usually taken into account to work it with proper exercises to strengthen this part of the body. Do not forget that this part is part of the core, and as such it is necessary to keep it strong since it intervenes in the vast majority of exercises and movements that will carry out the body. Therefore we want to defend a safe way to train it, with the help of fitball.

How to protect your WiFi completely

The WiFi networks have carved out an important niche in our homes and businesses. They carry with us a few years, but in that time they have become almost indispensable in many daily activities that go beyond Internet connectivity, and also allow us to handle all kinds of gadgets and devices remotely.