A Lovely Day out, going for a Walk around The Sculpture Trail

The Forest of Dean is the home to many areas of natural beauty and offers the opportunity for walkers of all ages and abilities to access their beautiful array of trails.  If you want to spend the day exploring the Forest and walking along some of its magnificent trails then obtain one of their many Walking Maps and set off, perhaps to negotiate the 4.5 mile long Sculpture Trail.  Located on the Speech House Road, Coleford in the Stunning Forest of Dean this particular walk will take you through the tall trees to find specific objects and artistic points along the way.

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Creating a spectacular, spellbinding, artistic piece along the Trail is the magnificent Stained-Glass Window hanging directly above your heads as you stroll along the cleverly designed route.  Different Artists have been commissioned to interpret the Forest environment in their own unique ways and so the original designs are all very different and made from many unusual materials.  You don’t have to be a connoisseur of Art to enjoy the exhibits along the walk, just enjoy being outdoors in the glorious sunshine and fresh air.

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Using the natural environment, the trees, streams, and magnificent views the Artists have all succeeded in encompassing something truly beautiful, creative and unique for the individuals, families and groups of walkers that explore the Sculpture Trail to enjoy finding and looking at. Definitely a lovely day out to take a picnic and make the most of the fresh air and exercise.


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