Benefits of Using Brownfield Sites for Development

The benefits of using brownfield sites for redevelopment are many and potentially extremely profitable. It is not a question of whether or not these properties will be able to be used for housing but rather what they will be used for: whether it will be affordable housing, low income housing, mixed income housing or for commercial purposes. The problem is that all cities are not the same and even in a relatively similar location there are usually differences in the quality of the land, access to utilities and the costs involved in renovating the site. For more information on Land Remediation Services, visit Soilfix

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The benefits of using brownfield sites for redevelopment includes the amount of land that can be used which is generally much more than that available for urban development. This means that the land can be bought at a lower price and so there will be fewer competing offers on the land. Another big advantage is the proximity to the town centre. These properties are close to major highways and key businesses and the immediate downtown area is usually bustling with people.

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Finally one of the best benefits of using brownfield sites for redevelopment is that they are usually located close to existing services that might not need renovations or upgrades. This means that any new tenants that will be looking for an affordable place to live will be close enough to the renovation opportunities to be advantageous. This also goes for those looking to buy houses in the future.

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