Key areas to clean in your office

Now more than ever we need to b e cleaning the office spaces that we work in to help do our bit to stop the spread of the virus that is causing the current pandemic across the globe. There is no better way to do this than with the help of a Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company such as These companies help with daily and weekly cleaning of premises that mean that you and your staff can focus on your work and building your business.

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Here are some of the key areas that they can help you keep hygienic and clean.


  • Toilets – probably an obvious one that you will want to keep clean and hygienic. This will involve cleaning the toilets themselves as well as the sinks and any surfaces in the room and the light switches and door handles.


  • Kitchens – again another key area where lots of people will be touching surfaces and potentially preparing themselves food and drinks throughout the day. The main surfaces will all be cleaned along with any common touch points.

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  • Communal space – this will include reception areas and staff rooms that you have and again will cover the entire room and the high touch points.


  • Meeting rooms – at present you might want to consider cleaning your meeting room space between each set of meetings and then asking your contract cleaning company to give it a thorough cleaning at the end of the day.


  • Desks – surprisingly your office workers desks could be some of the most unhygienic spaces in your office and so it is worth implementing a clear desk policy for your staff and having the cleaning company clean over the desks at the end of each day, including wiping the computer keyboard and mouse and office telephones.