Website Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Sales

Whether you want to start your own business or take your existing business global, your website is key. Just having a website isn’t enough: you need to ensure you’re using it effectively to maximise every click that comes your way.

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It’s Not All About You

Of course, your website is actually about your business, but resist the urge to talk about how great your product/service is and switch the focus to your customers’ wants and needs. Say what your product does for them and anticipate their needs so they’ll engage better, reducing your bounce rate, which, coupled with some engaging calls to action, should lead to higher conversion rates.

Make the Most of Your Address

Those who buy domain name settings tend to look for one in the name of their company, but have you considered one that references your product/service or its popular use instead? It is estimated that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so the name of the product a customer is looking for is a powerful tool. Consider looking to buy domain name wordings that reference that word and the country or industry of your target market, such as .uk or .tech. There are plenty of options available, and entering your chosen name into a domain registering site such as could even show you options you haven’t thought of.

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Maximise Your SEO

The usefulness of your address doesn’t stop at the domain. When creating content or descriptions, you’re no doubt aware of the need to include key search words to drive traffic to your page, but did you know you can include them in your URL too? Services like Google Adwords Keyword Tool are a great way to generate your key search terms. Once you’ve decided on them, make sure to also include them in the URL address for that page to get your site higher up those first-page results.

Keep It Current

Relevant for all website owners, keeping it current is especially true for those in tech industries. Your customer is looking for the most up-to-date information, so make sure any out-of-date product information is removed and stock levels are accurate.

Information Is Power

Finally, remember to use a web analytics system so you can see what is working best on your website for your business.