Why sports training is not like the movies

Many people misunderstand what it takes to be successful. Most of our images and thoughts around the road to success comes from Hollywood films. But how realistic are these? The main premise is usually a character who has an ambitious dream. They know that to get there, they must train long and hard. This is usually followed by a musical montage segment showing the character going to extreme lengths to train like mad. After this, the main protagonist normally succeeds and is awarded a prize. Is life really like this?…

How does music make us feel?

Music makes us feel good, there is no doubt about it. In the same way people enjoy gambling, drugs, and gourmet food, all about dopamine. When you hear a song that you like, it moves you and your brain responds by releasing dopamine, a feeling-good chemical. These are chemicals that are involved in addiction and motivation. Even anticipating hearing your favourite voice is enough to make dopamine flow.

Thrilling Times: Top Five Thrillers For Teenagers

Thrillers are a great way to get a reluctant reader into literature. It can be hard to get teenagers interested in literature but a thrilling novel with a real hook and a shocking twist can be a gift for discussion, engaging teens and encouraging them to read more and enjoy other titles. There are many different thrillers on the market for teens and here are five which may appeal to many different types of reader.