Staying Healthy When Living With a Disability

Staying healthy when living with a disability means developing good habits and following a balanced diet. You may not be able to get up and walk around the neighbourhood, but you can keep moving by wheeling a wheelchair or armchair exercises. You should also engage in muscle strengthening exercises such as resistance bands or adapted yoga. You can also visit a gym that offers accessible equipment. Try to get in as many physical activities as you can each week. For support with mobility and Bathing Aids, contact Ability Superstore

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In addition to diet and physical activity, there are other factors that influence a person’s health. Social determinants of health include neighbourhood, built environment, and social context. Individuals with disabilities have more challenges accessing medical care than those without a disability. In addition, they are twice as likely to live below the poverty line. All of these factors affect the quality of life and employment of people with disabilities.

Disabilities are widespread. In fact, over one billion people around the world experience some kind of disability, including physical or mental. Even though so many have some type of disability, many experience discrimination, stigma, and prejudice when it comes to health care. Furthermore, many people report feeling isolated or discriminated against.

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Fortunately, there are many resources available to help people with disabilities stay healthy. If you’d like to get more information about staying healthy when living with a disability, visit a local nonprofit organisation that works with people with disabilities or speak to your healthcare provider.