Building a Home on Brownfield Land

Many more people are deciding to build their own home. Rather than compromise and buy a house they aren’t really suited to, building a home of your own gives you the freedom to design a home how you want it to be – so you can see the appeal!

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Because of this, the demand for land in the UK, that was already high, is now even higher, and finding a suitable plot is one of the challenges that people who decide to build a home of their own can face.


One of the solutions to this shortage, is to look outside of the box. Brownfield land is something to consider when hunting for a plot – it is often conveniently located, due to the nature of the land, but it does come with its own potential pitfalls that should be addressed before you buy.


Because brownfield land is former industrial land, it has often been used for a factory or petrol station for example. This means that the ground may be contaminated. Before you begin to build on land like this, you should find a company like Soilfix who can help you with land decommissioning so that the area is safe for the builders to work on and for you to live on.

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You may also find that the suite has some existing structures already on it – old warehouse or garages for example. You may need to have a demolition expert come in to clear the area before you begin a building project on it.