How to Create your Perfect Cosy Living Room

You living room is the place in the home where you and the family can relax at the end of a long day. For that reason, it is good to try to design it with relaxation in mind. If you are thinking of re-designing your living room, here are a few top tips…

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Before you begin, have a look at some ideas. Create a mood board of the things that you like – colours, fabrics, furniture etc and use this to guide you when you create your living room space. Be creative and let your personality shine through as you want the space to reflect your home personally.


One of the big parts of a living room is the television. Where you place your television is important so you may want to change it around. A company like this TV aerials Cardiff based company can help you with this. You could even make your television a feature of the room, by surrounding it with shelves for books or pictures on the surrounding wall.

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Making a room cosy is all about the accessories. Soft fabrics and knitted cushions and throws are a great way to make the room feel homely and comfortable. Lighting is also a good way to make the warm and cosy feel of a room shine through. Light up corners with warm toned lamps and use fairly lights around shelves to make the room feel snug, especially on dark winter nights.