How to keep your carpet fresh for longer

There’s nothing like carpet underfoot for a warm and comfy feel, especially during the colder months. However, winter can take its toll on our carpets with heavy traffic and wet, muddy shoes. Here are some cleaning tips to keep your carpet looking great:

  1. Roller

If your vacuuming efforts still leave the feeling that bits are on the carpet, such as hard to pick up crumbs and hair, for example, consider running a lint roller over any areas that annoy you. This will help to remove all those pesky little bits that your vacuum cleaner struggles with.

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  1. Iron to remove stains

Vacuum the area with the stain, treat with a 3:1 ratio of water and vinegar, leave for a few minutes and then lay a towel over the stained area and press a heated iron onto the towel. The stain should transfer to the towel! Why not consider Carpet Cleaning Hereford at a site like Octokleen

  1. Shaving foam solutions

Did you know that you can rub any old shaving foam into a stain and let it sit? Your carpet will also feel super soft and this solution works great for light-coloured carpets, such as cream or beige.

  1. Consider runners and rugs

If you want to save your beautiful carpets for showing off when guests arrive, consider using rugs and runners between times to save the carpet from wearing out and getting grubby. You can lay them in high traffic areas, and they will help to keep the carpet looking newer for much longer.

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  1. Pets

As any pet owner will tell you, accidents happen. Baking soda is perfect for this as it absorbs the smell of urine and will easily blot away the mess.