How well do you know your lawn?

Our lawns are often left unattended until we realise that they have become overgrown. We then quickly reach for the lawnmower to give it a quick cut. That is as long as the mower is working. Of course if you need Mountfield Spares you can contact companies like DIY Spare Parts which will see your lawnmower in full working order again.

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The grass that grows in our lawns is much more important than you might first think and here are a few lawn facts that will help you to develop a new appreciation for the lawn in your garden.


  • Grass is one of the largest food sources in the world. Grasses include foods like oats and barley that then go on to make incredible foods that we all enjoy as well as grasses being used in a variety of different forms to feed everything from rabbits right through to our grazing animals such as sheep and cows. It is no surprise then that it is thought that there are over 10,000 different varieties of grass plant!

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  • A lawn that measures 2,500 square foot produces enough oxygen on its own for a family of four people. Lawns actually help to improve the air quality as the plants use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis and also help to trap airborne particles.


  • Grass is an incredibly hardy plant and it can come back to be luscious and green even when it looks like it might have died back completely. Grass is found on every continent of the world, even in the arctic and antarctic regions.