Important information about scaffolding on your property

Are you having building work done and need scaffolding? The decision whether scaffolding is needed falls to the tradesperson who can assess the risks and provide relevant equipment. Much depends on the type of work being done and what level of risk is present.

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All traders need to ensure that their workplace is safe, for them as well as homeowners. Should the need arise to work at height, they should lower the risk of falls by utilizing existing safe areas or install scaffolding. An example of a trader who may need to use scaffolding includes roofers. For all your Scaffolding Essex needs, visit

Scaffolding should be erected by trained scaffolding contractors. They are the only people with the relevant skills and experience to do so in a way that adheres to health and safety regulations. Always check that the trader holds a valid Construction Industry Record Scheme card.

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Scaffolding must be inspected by law at the following times:

Before the scaffolding is first used

Once a week after it is in place

After any change, such as damage or harsh weather events

Scaffolding companies will have insurance because the risk factors are unique to working at height. Insurance covers risks, as well as public liability to cover any risk of falling and injuring members of the public. Insurance will also cover the employer’s responsibility to cover injuries for workers of companies while working at height. It is always good for peace of mind to check that the scaffolders have this type of insurance before they begin work.