Maintaining your sash windows

There are very good reasons why wood sash windows do not go out of fashion; their design is timeless. Whether you live in a period property or contemporary apartment, maintaining sliding sash windows will keep your property looking stylish.

Paint your windows regularly

Wood sash windows must be regularly painted to prevent damage to the wood and to help improve their appearance. For peak condition, windows should be painted every 3 to 4 years for protection against the weather. Ensure windows are properly cleaned before applying the paint.

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Replace damaged or broken sash ropes

These are hung on ropes passing through pulleys and connected to weights in the hidden hollow of the case. Broken or damaged cord can be easily replaced. For more information on Sash Cord Replacement, visit a site like

Regularly check your windows for rot

One of the most common problems you may find with timber sliding sash windows in the long term is, as with any outside wood products, problems with rot. Fungus thrives in moist wood, and even wears down the wood, meaning moisture can penetrate deeper. It is not only unsightly – most often producing peeling paint and black stains – but also weakens the structural integrity of the wood. In the end, rotting wood can cause leaky windows.

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Oil for smooth operation

Keeping your windows oiled and running smoothly will help reduce problems you might get from aggressively trying to free your windows from a stuck position. Rub the wax or oil into the frame, hinges and all interior and pulley features will also help to ensure that the window is loose enough to move smoothly and easily.