Plants that you Should Have in your Garden to Prevent Burglaries

Most of the time we like to choose flowers and plants because they are beautiful blooms that bring us joy. Whether a bunch of flowers in the windowsill, some pretty hanging basket plants or a professional bouquet from somewhere like the Flower shed florist Tewkesbury for that special someone, flowers and plants are one of life’s greatest pleasures.


But there is something else that they are good at and with the festive season approaching and burglary rates traditionally being higher at this time of year, it is something everyone should know. Plants are a great way to deter burglars! Planting a spiky bush in your back garden, a popular route for would-be robbers attempting to enter a home, is a great way to keep intruders out and make your garden more beautiful.

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Here are some of the best plants for stopping thieves…


Holly – This popular and cheerful festive plant with it’s bright red berries adds some gorgeous winter colour to your garden as well as having spiky leaves that will stop a burglar in their tracks.

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Bamboo – The dense and spiky bamboo plant is not only attractive, but it is difficult to break through. Hard and spiky, it is also incredibly noisy when moved so it will not appeal to someone trying to sneak in.


Blackthorn – This bush can grow very tall and provides a lovely display of white flowers in the spring and the stunning bright berries in the Autumn months. Because it is thorny and tall it is the ideal plant to put around the border of your garden.