Some of the bugs that like to live in your carpet

Our carpets can become hives of germs and bacteria as we track in dirt from outside and we shed skin and hair each day. Hoovering helps to keep you carpet clean but it is the services of a Leamington Spa Carpet Cleaning company that will really help to make your carpet much more hygienic and rid you of unwanted bugs.

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Here are some of the bugs that like to set up camp in your carpet.


Dust Mites-These small bugs do not cause diseases, but they are known to be responsible for a variety of common allergies encountered during the year by individuals. They feed off the skin and other debris we shed all day long and can be found in everything from our bedding to your home’s carpets.


Carpet Beetles – these beetles can infest your carpets and they can also travel into any of your furnishings as they increase in numbers and have been known to also like dried food.

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Bed Bugs – These bugs can be found anywhere it is nice and wet, not just limited to your bed area. Usually they come out at night time and they bite even though they do not pass on any illnesses or infections, but we do not always note it. Professional equipment for carpet cleaning will heat up to unimaginable levels that can kill bed bugs. If you think you have a problem with bed bugs, you will also find that a carpet cleaning company can even clean your mattresses.