What to expect when moving into your first home

Moving into your first home, whether it is one that you are buying or one that you plan to rent, is an incredibly exciting time, but it can be a little daunting too. There are a number of things that you will need to think about when you move into your first home and here is a short list to give you some help.

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Utilities – make sure that you have contacted your utility company and where possible try to do this on the day you move in. It is really important that you make a note of the meter readings for both your gas and electric and if possible, your water meter reading so that you can pass these on to your utility company. You will also want to ensure that your telephone line and internet are connected as soon as possible. In some cases, this can be done to match your moving day and in other cases you may have to wait a few days. Find out how your appliances work, and if necessary, have a gas meter box like this www.meterbox.co.uk/gas-meter-boxes installed so you can keep an eye on your gas usage.

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Post – the postal redirection service is a great option when you first move home as you can have your post automatically redirected to your new address for the time period of your choosing. It is important to consider doing this for a couple of months so that it gives you a chance to get all of your addresses changed.

Unpacking – make sure that you unpack your belongings in order of importance. There are some items that can wait until the following day or a few days later whereas your kitchen items and bedroom furniture and bedding should be unpacked on the first day where possible so you can get a comfortable night’s rest after a busy and exciting moving day.