How Air Conditioning can protect against airborne allergies

Come the spring and summer months most of us are gearing up and looking forward to the signs of flowers appearing and trees coming back into leaf. For others it’s quite the opposite reaction. Although they are pleased that the winter is over, the appearance of pollen from Trees and Grass is on the way. About 13 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever and it is continuing to rise. The pollen from grass or trees (not flowers and is commonly thought) depending on the time of year makes this a terrible time for suffers as it irritates the nose, throat, ears and eyes.  It also sets off asthma. The body goes into overdrive reacting to the pollen by producing mucus, moisture and wax as it tries to remove the foreign contaminates.

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This makes the spring and summer a nightmare for sufferers and it doesn’t even make difference what the weather might be doing. Rain can sometimes make it worse as it keeps the pollen in the atmosphere. A strong breeze makes it even worse as it passes the pollen around spreading it even more.

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This means that sufferers cannot go out. If there is a heat wave this makes the house unbearable. Help is at hand via the Air Conditioning Gloucester firm ACCEC. Not only that but the filters fitted to the air con can stop any of those nasty bits of pollen getting in a ruining the day.

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