How Does the Colour Green Make You Feel?

The colour green has a multitude of different emotional effects on people. Some find it energising; others feel happy, peaceful and serene. Some feel calm and relaxed whilst others think of spring, sunshine and fresh air. Some people even associate the colour with zest, life, vigour, enthusiasm and creativity. Whatever your feelings, if you are trying to make yourself feel happy or sad then green can help you.

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In terms of how the colour green makes you feel, many people associate the colour with peace, serenity, tranquility and rest. If you feel tense or uptight then green can help to give you some relief. You can also employ the colour in the bedroom for a calming effect, or for a romantic ambience. Green also tends to make us feel vibrant and happy so if you find yourself daydreaming then try applying some green eye shadow to see what it does for you. Or pair your Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jeans with a nice green shirt, t shirt or jacket.

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Of course green is not only a colour that calms but it can also symbolise healing and health. If you have suffered from an illness recently then you may wish to avoid wearing dark, dull colours such as brown. These colours can make the problems seemĀ  worse so instead opt for green or try to wear a pastel, more cheerful-looking shade. Green can make you feel healthier and you’ll look better too!

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