Keeping your work van secure

For many individuals that work in trades such as electrician, heating engineer and other work that  involves the need for tools and equipment, the prospect of having their vans broken into and their items stolen could be potentially devastating to their business. Although insurance would cover their items, the delay in getting new equipment could cost these businesses new clients and sales. There are a number of things that trade workers can do to help keep their work vans safe.

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  • CCTV – If you have a van parked in the same location every night you should consider the support of a CCTV Manchester company who can fit a system that will allow you to monitor your vans and record the area.
  • Tracking – if you are worried about your van being stolen you might want to think about having vehicle trackers installed. Sometimes this can be enough to act as a deterrent to potential thieves. The tracker will allow you and the police to track where your vehicle is and to recover it should it be stolen.

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  • Mark your equipment – there are paints and items on the market that allow you to mark your equipment with a special code that will then allow for them to be identified at a later date should they be recovered by the police or the thieves look to try and sell them on.

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