What you Should think about Before Moving to the Countryside

As more and more people have started to think about what they want from life, and with working from home becoming a more common long term arrangement, rural estate agents like these Stroud estate agents TGRES have seen a much higher demand for properties in the idyllic English countryside.


But as appealing as this is for a break, for long term or lifelong city dwellers it is important to have a good think about such a drastic move before making it. Here are a few things to think about before jumping into rural life…

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Schooling is something that many parents with children make a first priority when moving somewhere. This is why you often find that areas with good schools are more expensive places to buy property. It is worth looking into the local schools in the catchment beforehand as there will be less choice of schools in the countryside than in the city.

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Amenities that you will be used to in the city will not be so readily available in the countryside. Bars, shops and restaurants are something that you will have to travel to – however you will probably find a local post office and pub in walking distance. If you enjoy a night on the town and busy shopping facilities however then consider the fact that you will have to travel further for it.

Transport is something that many people in the city take for granted. In London, it is easy to use the great transport service to get around quickly and easily, however public transport in more rural areas is not as good. You might need to invest in a car to be able to get around.