Choosing your wedding venue is a big decision you need to make as an engaged couple. Picking the right marriage hall is dependant on many factors: how many guests you want to invite, your choice of theme or decor, parking space, catering – and even the date!

Keep these 14 pointers in mind while choosing your perfect marriage hall for the big day:


  1. Never visit multiple wedding venues in a day – The details, pros and cons of each will be hazy in your memory due to the sensory overload.
  2. If it can’t accommodate your number of guests, exclude it – Don’t take the gamble of last minute guest cancellations or RSVPs lowering your head count.
  3. Make a list of things you cannot compromise on – List down what you simply must have – for example, an outdoor space, a separate dining area, etc. That way, even if you see a beautiful indoor space, you will not try to change your plans to make it work for you. You can even browse wedding venues online and filter your must-have components on such online wedding venue booking websites.
  4. Does the venue have an indoor area too? – In case, it suddenly decides to rain or hail at the time of the ceremony, you would need to shift the ceremony and the guests indoors.
  5. If a majority of guests is travelling, choose a convenient venue – Getting married in the picturesque countryside sounds romantic, however, it can be cumbersome for guests to drive for hours to reach the venue.
  6. Check for other events at your wedding venue on the same day – Overlapping events on the same day at your wedding venue may affect the time you need to start or end your reception. Going through the wedding rituals with a constant eye on the watch is not something you would want on your special day.
  7. Find out catering details – Do you have to choose your caterer from their list of approved vendors or can you hire your own? Can you customize your menu? Can you sample the food or get referrals from past clients?
  8. How long can the celebration continue – Wedding venues in residential areas have to wrap up or lower their sound/music after a certain time. Check before booking.
  9. Is the booking cost all-inclusive? – Many wedding venues require you to pay extra for tables, chairs, cutlery, etc. Also, check for taxes and fees and other hidden costs that may be revealed in the final bill.
  10. Double cost for two ceremonies – If your wedding ceremony and reception is at the same venue on the same day but at different times, will you be charged double?
  11. Check for extras – Check the power needed for the DJ, Band and if a generator is available in case the electricity plays truant. Will additional lighting be required?
  12. Overtime charges – Will you be charged extra for time utilized for setting up and tearing down your space?
  13. Valet Parking – Some wedding venues charge on a per car basis while others charge a flat fee.
  14. Availability of guest rooms – Does the wedding venue have a room for the bride to get her make up touched up or a sick guest to lie down? Are these rooms with attached bathrooms? Do you need to pay extra to avail these rooms?

Keep these points in mind and ask the right questions to find your perfect wedding venue or marriage hall!