5 more things to know about children’s football academies

Football academies can spot potential and help young players to develop their skills. However, there are things that parents should know about football academies before they decide if such an academy would be the right place for their child. A possible significant factor on children making it in football is if they get encouragement from parents or carers. If parents live busy lives so that time to encourage their children is limited however then it could mean that these children don’t live up to their potential. If you are a busy parent and worry that your child may be in this problem, then there are solutions. There are carers like au pairs that can look after children and offer them the extra encouragement that they need. If you are looking for a London Au pairs  agency, then look no further than https://www.littleoneslondon.co.uk/au-pairs-in-london

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According to the BBC, within the English academy system, there are 12,500 players but only 0.5% of 9-year-olds in the system will make it to a professional contract. So what is the role of academies and what happens if your child joins one, but is released at a later date?

Scouting for talent

Most clubs send scouts to matches so if your child wants to get spotted then they should join a team and demonstrate the sort of qualities that clubs are likely to be looking for. If an academy hasn’t approached you, then it might be worth inviting talent scouts to come and watch your child play.

Joining an academy

Children joining football academies must be at least 9 years’ old and will be on a schoolboy contract until age 16. This is reviewed every couple of years. Post 16 they will have to join the club’s Youth Training Scheme and eventually they may be offered a professional contract.

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What does a football scholarship consist of?

Academy players over 16 are offered a scholarship contract. Although they will play more football, they will be expected to keep studying, as well as helping with jobs that need doing at the main club.

How do academies develop players?

Football academies help players to improve their skills, develop tactics and technique, as well as particular skills such as goalkeeping. They can also provide access to experts in coaching and nutrition as well as training facilities.

What happens if a player is released from a football academy?

Players who are released from a football academy get added to a list that all football clubs can access so they may be picked up by another club. Competition for professional football contracts is intense so many players do not make the transition from academy players to professionals.

If you think your child has what it takes, there is a lot to consider when you decide whether to send them to a football academy.