A guide to generator rental

Providing certainty in uncertain times

With aspects of global warming being reported almost daily across the world’s media, its effects are being felt all too often on the ground across the UK. Increasingly, planning for unpredictably extreme weather patterns, and how to ensure ‘the show goes on’ has moved into the centre ground. Surprisingly, perhaps, the issue has become one not just for emergency services but for all businesses and households across the UK.

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Even the Royal Academy is concerned, detailing the vulnerability of traditional methods of power supply and the importance of factoring in generator use into everyday thinking. This, after 61,000 buildings were left without power during one of the UK’s freak storms, with the situation rescued only by 75 mobile power generators.

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Modern times: predictable and unpredictable at the same time

Outdoor and indoor business and private events, building work, planned maintenance, temporarily relocation, or during planned upgrades to power supplies can all be covered by mobile power solutions – meaning you or your business has the freedom to continue without the need for static power infrastructure. As well as large scale security, data, sound or lighting issues, it’s sometimes the small details which get overlooked. Mobile phone and laptop charging, internet connection, heating and food preparation, screens and lighting to name a few can also continue in the knowledge you have organised the power source in advance.

The pace of change in business, the way we live and the weather, however, means the need for power at short notice is vital to keep everything running. Thankfully, with the generator market now able to keep up with demand, a wide range of power options from 30 kVA to over 200 kVA are available. Sometimes the need to operate in challenging circumstances and locations, means finding the right generator rental company is more than an important consideration. Having a go-to supplier you trust to provide your generator rental with flexibility of options, on-time and ready to go, exactly where you need it, means peace of mind. In modern times, these companies have become as important as any other traditional business supplier.

The uncertainty with which businesses, organisations and households are expected to cope in modern times has support from an unexpected source. Wherever you are and whatever your situation one thing you don’t have to be without – is power.