A guide to putting your lawn mower away for the winter

Once the cold weather arrives and it’s time to stop cutting the grass, spend some time taking care of your lawn mower before you store it away for the winter. If you do, it will be in a much better condition when you come to get it out next spring.


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Lawn mower technology has advanced considerably in recent years and there are now a number of advanced models on the market, including robot mowers, but these can be expensive, so it’s wise to take care of the one you have. Rather than just dumping it in the garage for a few months, follow these straightforward tips to ensure it’s ready to start next year.

Take out the battery

If you have a battery powered mower, it’s beneficial to take it out and keep it safe in a cool and dry place. It’s important that this is somewhere away from a water heater, furnace or gas canisters.

Give your mower a clean

Whether you have an electric mower or one of the latest hand propelled petrol lawn mowers, you should give it a clean before storing it for a long period.

Start by removing any leaves, mud or grass, and if you’re using a hose ensure the spark plug lead wire has been removed from the plug. Tip the mower onto one side and use a long stick to get rid of any debris stuck in the blade. Remember never to use your hands to do this.

Empty the fuel tank

There are a selection of hand propelled petrol lawn mowers that are ideal for larger gardens, but to get the best value from them, you need to store them correctly. At the end of the season you should empty the fuel tank properly to prevent it going stale, which can clog up the carburettor and result in rust.

Firstly put fuel stabiliser into the tank and turn the mower on to ensure it’s distributed. Then let the engine cool down before siphoning out any leftover fuel and storing it in a clean can. Switch the mower on until it turns off and then repeat this until it doesn’t start any more.

Once your mower has been prepared for the winter, store it somewhere safe and dry, like a shed or garage, ready for the spring.