A most contested Throne

In life there are seats and then there are thrones. It’s unlikely that any of us will ever get to sit on a throne so it’s just as well that we concern ourselves with a nice chair instead like a set of, say an Eames Chair or perhaps an Eames Office Chair such as the ones available from https://www.pash-classics.com/eames-eiffel-chair  There is one throne that many seem to want and are quite prepared to do anything get it. I speak of course of the Iron Throne the seat of power in the hit tv show Game of thrones.

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The Iron throne sits in the capital of the continent of Westeros Kings Landing. This is the home of the Baratheons. They were not the first to sit on the throne. That was the work of Aegon Targaryen the first King of the Seven Kingdoms and a Conqueror. He came with Dragons and subjugated the kingdoms so that they all swore fidelity to him. Even the troublesome North ceded control. To commemorate the event, Aegon took up all the swords of his defeated enemies and using the breath of his personal Dragon he heated them to the point where he could forge them into a mighty throne. It’s a bit of a departure from the usual throne you would find, but there is a thought behind the process. Aegon was not a believer in comfort and so he declared that the iron throne would be the main seat for his rein and subsequent Targaryen’s rein as the King should not feel too comfortable on their throne.

The Iron Throne itself sits like a huge brooding presence in the series. Its construction comes from huge blood, war and violence so it is right that it was made out of weapons. A throne is meant to convey authority so whoever sits on it immediately gains a certain amount of fear and respect.

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The last Targaryen, Aerys was not so keen on the throne. After decades of incest and interbreeding, Targaryen’s like to keep the bloodline close to home, Aerys was clearly insane. He hated the throne that he sat on as it kept on cutting him. It was as if the throne rejected him in some way. He was not only called the Mad King he was also called King Scab as he was a constant mess of cuts and healing scars.