A sparkling celebrity smile

Having a great smile can make you feel so much more confident and the world of celebrity and Hollywood is full of shiny, white grins. These celebs really do have the whole package, talent, beautiful hair, bright skin and a million dollar smile. Teeth are an essential part of the celebrity look and whether they were born with great teeth or had some work done, what matters is that a mile is infectious!

Let’s take a look at some famous faces who have great smiles:

Kate Middleton has a lovely big grin and it’s been rumoured that before the Royal Wedding took place she had some dental work done too. It’s great that celebrities and Royals alike are making it ‘cool’ to have teeth straightening work done and if it’s good enough for the red carpet then it’s good enough for us too.

Brad Pitt – The first man to named sexiest man alive on two occasions, he apparently chipped his own front tooth for his role in Fight Club. He must have since had it fixed though as his chiseled jaw, dimples and full lips make this one very appealing smile indeed. For General dentistry Leicester, visit http://www.sjrdental.co.uk/.

Angelina Jolie has a big smile that transforms her whole face. Her full lips and choice of red and plum lipstick also serve to make her teeth seem whiter and brighter. Her lips even have their very own Facebook fan page.

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One of the most heart-warming and charismatic smiles belongs to Will Smith. This is a warm, natural smile that draws you in and his square but rounded teeth complement the shape of face. He may have had some whitening work but what a grin!

Beyonce has picture perfect pearly whites and whether she has had work done, nobody knows but she has such a natural smile and glowing beauty that we really don’t care.

George Clooney has a smile that appears to have changed over the years since his days as a doctor on ER. It is possible that he has invested in porcelain veneers to make his teeth look whiter and longer. Halle Berry has a smile to die for and so many women want the look that you can now buy snap-on Halle Berry veneers!

So who did us Brits vote for in having the best smile in football? David Beckham of course. Beckham topped the polls in the survey done by the British Dental Health Foundation. It is very natural and charming even though there is a suspicion that some position correction has taken place.

Victoria Beckham has also managed to improve her smile, a rare sight amongst all that pouting. She used to have unevenly spaced teeth and a gap in the middle but before she hit the highs in the 1990’s she had them bonded and straightened. Now she does sport a super smile.