Advantages of living in a bungalow

Thinking of buying a bungalow? There are many more benefits than you might first imagine.

Perfect for older people

A one level home is the ideal living accommodation for older people and can help them maintain their independence with a more accessible floorplan. Navigating stairs with hip or joint problems can be painful and stressful, so it makes sense to do away with stairs altogether. Can’t buy a bungalow? No problem. Consider the many benefits of a stairlift instead. For Stairlifts Bristol, visit a site like Pearce Bros, providers of Stairlifts Bristol.

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At the other end of the age spectrum, bungalows offer a good solution for children too. Stairs are a big fear for parents of small children, as well as the separation of different floors. These problems are completely avoided with a one level property.

Mobility Issues

For disabled people or those with limited mobility, the upper level of a house can become out of bounds for them. Extensions often have to be built to include a wet room or additional bedroom, which is an expensive commitment with lots of upheaval. Cut out the stress and go straight for the option of a bungalow.

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Open Plan

Many bungalows offer an open plan design which benefits from bright, airy environments with plenty of space for moving around. A house with stairs and different levels can often feel cramped and gloomier than it needs to be. Open plan living is more relaxed and comfortable for many people.