Bedroom without spending Premieres

If you think your bedroom is saturated, that the filling of many objects are useless and now I know where to start.

Here are some ideas to make this place look spacious, light and harmony are simple steps that you have to give and many advantages.


  • Get rid of anything you have not used in over a year, be it clothes, accessories, beauty utensils.
  • Get your closet broken vacuums, dryers and stuff you kept thinking that someday take to repair.
  • Strip old boxes also only disfigure your bedroom, if you still have posters or pictures or still unflattering adolescence boatels guards.
  • If your bedroom living in the past and have wallpaper, I recommend you start the arduous task of removing it, looking for strong solutions to help you detach, ask at the stores.
  • Finally, once you are clear attempts to perform a deep clean, even clean the roof if not creating. Pule or brightens the closet, like the floor, rearranged the drawers and fold each garment back, give back to your mattress and Change her sleeve. Looking for wicker or fabric boxes to store items so that it is ordered


The essential light to create any kind of atmosphere is part of this rearrangement of furniture that will make you feel better and have more space. Therefore, we recommend the use of a general light on top of the roof, preferably at the center and that is white, so you can see as well when you search for something or when you see your clothes.

If your budget allows places a line of small lamps, such that you can handle, behind the headboard will help you read, or perform any activity that requires manual or the view. And on the bedside tables or side light bulbs installed a light yellow more discreet and you can cause a cozy and intimate atmosphere.


  • Evaluate if you have much furniture for the size of your bedroom, if so, stick to the essentials, bedside tables, furniture to tidy books and records, a couch or futon if possible, the mirror you can hang on the door your closet and find a long table that may be facing the window.
  • To distribute, find that the bed is not near the window, and suggests that Feng Shui is not recommended due to light, noise and even possible wind currents from entering. After placing the bed and have your center, and then everything has to flow in circles as they are functional. That is, before sleeping, what do you do? And when you wake up, what is your activity, based on its how you place the furniture and the things you use.

If at night the last thing you do is put cream or drink water, that’s what you have on your bedside table. If you need alarm clock also has to be there (although we recommend you to wake any other way for that stress). If you are someone who loves to throw the shoes when they arrive, try to have a folding shoe to one side of the bed. If you put music in the morning put it from the bedroom, the bathroom is dangerous.

If you have no idea and you want to change, you can put on the table long before the window a number of plants that will give new life to the space. Find placed near the couch or futon (buy her a stool to raise your feet). If you’re bored of the color change one need not expensive, just buy some cushions or tapicen do it again.

  • If you still have room, you can put a piece of furniture which is disks and books, the point are to make this little corner of your den, the place where you feel safe.
  • Buy a plant you like and the commitment to care will be more forceful and place it in a corner, try not to put anything around them to grow nice, you’ll see how to see you relax.

Since you changed your furniture around, make him some cosmetics, i.e. buy a new comforter or bedspread color that you like. Send photo frame that you always wanted or buy a table saw him fill you with peace or make you think of something nice, try to have on hand spray air freshener,  just remember to bring them a base if it does not have stained furniture.