Can You Avoid A Root Canal?

Many dental patients needing a root canal treatment look for alternatives to avoid lengthy clinic sittings, follow-ups, and painful process of the treatment. So is there any root canal alternative available to best deal with your dental problems? This article will look at why a patient needs root canal, likely problems of the procedure, and its natural alternatives.

According to a survey about 29,000,000 dental patients get root canal treatments in the US each year whereas most of them could be avoidable. The survey focuses a reasonable factor which requires a patient to seek for one or two opinions from different dentists if diagnosed with a need of a root canal. It is also advisable if you do not feel a toothache and have time to seek another opinion before you say okay to your dentist for a root canal. Sometimes a tooth that is said to call for a root canal actually needs high-quality fillings or crowns.  There may be various reasons a dentist doesn’t offer his/her patients high quality root canal alternatives. Perhaps he/she is not expert with the latest compound materials or considers other ways less money-making. So looking for second view from a more reliable dental professional is always better.

According to Dr. Vinograd, whose clinic is mainly famous for Brighton Dental root canal alternatives, if a tooth causes you feel severe pain, and appears symptoms of an infection that doesn’t go away, then a root canal sounds to be the right treatment for you. However if there is not severity in tooth pain and no symptom of an infectivity then it is more probable that you don’t need a root canal. It is also important to keep in mind that every tooth pain and swelling is not the result of a tooth infection. Swelling also indicates abscessed gums which can be treated devoid of root canals.

The typical dental perception believes in having no root canal alternatives other than a tooth removal which is a quick and inexpensive way to deal with your effected tooth. An extraction has some negatives aspects too that includes no tooth to chew food with, gap between teeth, and so on

Although many people believe that there are no root canal alternatives other than having the tooth removed, there is another alternative. Human body protects itself if we have a proper diet to keep the body healthy. Many people managed to heal their tooth infections naturally however every tooth infection does not get better or goes away with a proper diet.  Moreover, a tooth disturbed with a dental treatment is more difficult to cure. Besides, a tooth having mercury fillings does not heal naturally, and requires dietary changes as well as a dental surgery.

A few pointers can help a tooth infection heal naturally and can be an alternative to a root canal procedure. These can be:

  1. Getting rid of processed-sugar, foods with white sugar, and limiting natural sugars for the time being.
  2. Drinking certified raw milk.
  3. Eating high quality protein like raw fish
  4. Eating ample of yellow butter
  5. Avoiding flour foodstuffs and grains for the short term.