Choosing Gifts for Groomsmen: 5 Creative and Budget-Friendly Ideas

So, you are getting married. It’s the end of an era and the beginning and a beautiful new one. One of the best ways you can celebrate your big day with those who have been supportive of you is by getting your groomsmen something special – a token that shows your appreciation for them and is also something they can use in the future as well. If you’re stumped on just what items they may appreciate, here are five creative and budget-friendly ideas for groomsmen gifts to get you on track.

  1. This is a simple and meaningful gift that will have a lot of future applications. In the meantime, cufflinks are a great gift because your groomsmen can wear the cufflinks with their wedding suits. If you want to take it up a few notches, you could have the cufflinks personalized, which will add a whole new meaningful twist.
  2. Shaving kit. A shaving kit is a symbolic gift – maybe it’s gesture from someone moving on to a new stage of life. However, a shaving kit can be a great gift because your groomsmen will not only be shaving their faces for the wedding, they may also use the shaving kit on their own at home on a daily basis. The best part about a shaving kit is that it is affordable and it is a great way to offer a sentimental reminder of your appreciation without being too sappy.
  3. A photograph and a personalized photo frame. There is a good chance that your groomsmen are close friends, so there is also a good chance that you have a funny or meaningful photograph laying around. Why not take that photo, blow it up and then frame it in a personalized frame? This can be a great gift, because it can go on a desk, it can go on a wall or it can be kept as reminder to stay true to your friends – through thick and thin. There is a good chance that a few of your friends will be a little choked up when they see this gift.
  4. A personalized beer mug. By far one of the bestgroomsmen gifts is a beer mug or personalized beer stein. You can actually visit online for a wide selection of customizable mugs and steins. These gifts are great for the beer drinker or simply as a memento to keep on a desk. You could even engrave the day of your wedding on the mugs to make them extra special.
  5. A big barbecue dinner on the house. If you want to really give your groomsmen a night to remember, why not pay for a big barbecue dinner at the best spot in town. If there aren’t any great barbecue joints in your neighborhood or town, why not fire up the grill in the backyard. In the end, there is nothing like food – especially barbecue – to bring people together.