Concrete Patio Ideas to Boost the Appeal of Drab Slab

Concrete patios are considered unattractive yet important concrete slab structures in your backyard. But there are plenty of ideas to convert these unattractive looking patios to attractive ones. Let’s have a look at some of those ideas to make your concrete patio drab slab look more appealing.

The first way to boost the appeal of a concrete patio is to change its design, so it looks like real brick. To do this task easily, use a patterned rubber roller that is particularly designed for patio décor. Its structure is like a big paint roller, used to create brick like designs on the concrete. For Ready Mix Concrete Derby, visit a site like

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The 2nd way to make your concrete patio more attractive is to use paint colour wisely. A concrete patio decorated using paint and a stencil is not only effective but a very affordable way of renewing an older pavement on a patio. For durable finishing, power wash the concrete.

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Another way to make the concrete patio more attractive is through using a new stain over an older backyard patio. This method is considered the most cost-effective idea for attractive concrete. This method is so cost-effective that you need to pay only around £2-£3 per square foot.

Last but not least, you can turn your concrete patio more attractive with the help of clay pavers. Clay pavers are types of bricks that are hardened in a kiln for ultimate strength. This makes them withstand the sun’s rays and harsh weather.