Corporate Customer Care

When staging an event for a client, knowing how to look after that client is the difference between them having a satisfactory experience and a fantastic one, a one-time only customer or a repeat user of your services. You might the best at what you do but if you have no clue when it comes to customer service then your business is going to struggle.

First impressions really are crucial and you only get one shot at this so make sure you get it right. They may approach your company via email, social media, telephone or face to face so make sure your approach is consistent in all of these media. Ensure your company vision and brand shines through in every interaction. Imagine every first encounter as someone who potential may give you a glowing review.

The contact between you and your customer might begin months before the actual event and so you have the chance to grow a good working relationship together. Make sure every step is a positive one and stay in regular contact with updates on your progress. Anticipate questions in advance and preempt these by supplying all relevant event details to ease any stress that the client could well be experiencing when organising a corporate event. For Christmas Corporate events are extremely popular so companies will be very busy at this time of year. Make sure your colleagues have great Christmas Corporate Work nights out and think about event management to help plan your event.

Everyone at an event should feel valued and given your full attention. Extra attention might be given to VIPs, speakers, media or performers and a good idea would be to greet them at the door, supply them with anything they might need and escort them to the right location. It’s a tough job making sure everyone is OK but that’s what great hospitality is all about. If there is a problem, identify it and fix it as soon as possible.

Having an open and approachable body language, good manners and a wide smile can make a world of difference. Nobody likes to approach a surly, grumpy looking person. A successful event will always need staff who have a natural way with people and can be empathetic and responsive. Make sure staff are visible too with uniforms or name badges.

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Think of something unique that will really wow your guests and make your event remembered for all the right reasons. Try to offer something that your competitors don’t and think about things they might not have seen or experienced before. According to figures, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 bad one and so customer service really is at the heart of your business success. Do the most that you can to relieve any effort that your customer has to make, the secret is to make things as easy as possible. Don’t forget the small details either that can make all the difference, for example, don’t just point directions to an attendee but escort them there. This sounds like such a small thing but it’s the small things that will give your business a fantastic reputation.