Face Fix?

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and the idea of tweaking something that you’re not happy with is also not as taboo as it once was. Such surgeries can enhance the look of certain areas of the body and in some cases can also improve the function of that part as well.

Skin has many procedure options, for example, face lifts can be requested to counteract the signs of aging where skin becoming loose and saggy and loses its elasticity. The skin is pulled tighter to create a more toned look. A forehead lift applies the same tightening method. A chemical peel is applied to facial skin in another option to remove dead skin cells and reveal softer, healthier skin below. Facial fillers can also be used by injection into the skin to give it a firmer tone.

Laser resurfacing is a method that involves using a carbon dioxide laser to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is a further procedure that involves an injection to weaken muscles that cause frown lines and crow’s feet.


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A person’s nose is another area that can be operated on for cosmetic reasons. Rhinoplasty is the method of altering the shape and/or size of a nose to the patients specific instructions by sculpturing the bone and cartilage to achieve the shape desired.

The mouth is often an object that people feel self-conscious about, whether it’s wonky teeth or having no lips. Products like collagen can be injected into lips to make them look larger but a more permanent option is to have lip enhancement surgery and have an implant. Many people choose to get their teeth aligned by the use of braces so they can smile with confidence. Braces also help conditions such as jaw misalignment and so is a useful procedure for chewing and eating and not just how you look. For Cardiff cosmetic dentistry, visit http://cathedraldentalclinic.com/

Others will have issues with their chin and surgery to correct this is called genioplasty. An implant can improve the shape of a chin and is useful for those with a lack of definition in this area.

Eyelid lifts are another facial cosmetic procedure that remove excess fat and skin from the eyelids. A rather more unusual procedure is an eyelash transplant. For those who dream of longer eyelashes, it is possible to use a very specialist technique to add or replace living eyelashes into the eyelids!