Fancy a Wedding in the Dark? Probably Not

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. The venue, the music, the food, the photographer – so it’s not surprising that the lighting is not always top of the list. But lighting is very important, even for a wedding held in the daytime, and for evening occasions it’s vital. Here are some tips to make sure that your big day is well lit.

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The Venue

The first thing to do is discuss any possible lighting restrictions or regulations with the venue. Some venues will have concerns about the use of candles, for example; they are very romantic, but they are also naked flames. There may also be rules about the kinds of lighting you can suspend from ceilings or attach to walls. The venue will probably have lighting equipment already and may have some excellent suggestions as to how to use it.


If you are having photography on the route to the venue and are planning on hiring a vehicle it could be worthwhile thinking of your pre events like your hen party as well. A Hen Party Bus Cheltenham company could provide transportation and a great night out for you and your closest friends and family. Be sure to take plenty of photos of the evening as well.


Decide what kind of atmosphere you wish to create, and think about what kind of lighting will help you to do just that. Different venues have different atmospheres, but the lighting can change or enhance the feeling considerably. You also need to think about different lighting for different times during the wedding. Disco lights may be just what you need once the dancing begins but might not be so appropriate for the ceremony and could distract from the speeches.

Outdoor Lighting

The weather in the UK is not reliable, so many people have their weddings inside. Even if that’s what you’re doing, it’s worth considering the exterior of your venue. Will lighting enhance the atmosphere or prevent guests tripping over as they leave? There are some interesting ideas for lighting solutions here:

Consult Your Photographer

Your photographer will be very helpful when it comes to suggestions for your lighting.  For example knowing how important it is to have the right kind of lighting to make your photographs look spectacular. It’s also very practical to inform your wedding photographer beforehand about the lighting that they will be working with. It allows them to plan their equipment.

On a Budget?

You may be feeling daunted at the thought of even more expense to go with your wedding. Candles in mason jars are a beautiful and inexpensive way to light parts of the venue after dark.