Finding a great place to eat in the city of London

When you are visiting London perhaps for a weekend getaway or to enjoy one of the many shows that are frequently on in the theatres, it can be difficult to figure out where to grab something to eat. Now whilst your choice will very much depend on the budget that you have available, there are plenty of places for you to choose from.

Here are some options that you may want to take a look at that cover fine dining and sit down restaurants where you will find beautiful place setting adorned with Restaurant Cutlery as well as some more informal settings:

Fine Dining:

The Ledbury – Easily one of the most exclusive and best restaurants in the capital. It’s chef Brett Graham has two Michelin stars and the restaurant is considered to be in the top places to eat in the world. A tasting menu is one of the best ways to experience the full range of foods from white beetroot baked in clay to Muntjac venison and a warm Bantam egg being the highlights. It’s only £260 per person with the suggested wines and £150 without.

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Ormer Mayfair – A meal in this restaurant is like stepping back into the 1930’s as the décor is set around the art deco style. The tasting menu is a great way to sample all that the restaurant has to offer from its Michelin starred chef. For £210 with accompanying wine. Duck, jersey Lobster and glazed Rabbit are all on offer along with a fine selection of seasonal vegetables.

Great local food:

The Golden Chippy – This is a bit of a difference from the rather posh places above but this Greenwich fryer is one of the best in the country. It offers the standard Cod, Haddock, or even Rock if you really fancy a change, with Chips all at the standard prices. It also has the staples of any good fryer namely that if it can be dipped in batter then they’ll do it on the menu.

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Pub Grub:

The Queen’s Head – If you’d rather go for a pie and a pint then those in the know go to this pub at 66 Acton Street. They do the best variations on the Ploughman’s lunch with a piccalilli and pork pie to die for with the most expensive only being £12.50

So, that’s your four days of eating in the capital sorted out. Plenty of time left for sightseeing.