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Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop

The auto’s frame must be aligned before the auto repair specialists can begin the repair work that may be needed; the first thing checked is the structural frame of the car. Once the frame alignment is confirmed, they begin assessing the damage and decide what parts need to be swapped and what parts need to be repaired. Once this evaluation is completed, the car repair work starts.

Auto repair technicians remove damaged panels and find the part number and model required. At times, based on if the damaged body part is metal or plastic, panels are repairable. If plastics, they can apply heat from a hot-air welding gun or immerse in hot water and gently mold panel back into its correct form. In most instances, it’s more cost effective to replace plastic panels than to repair them.

Repair mechanics eliminate dents and creases, smoothing the surfaces using small anvils and hammers. They also use pick hammers and punches to do a procedure called metal finishing, where dents and dimples are fixed. Auto techs use plastics or solder to fill in tiny dents and dimples. While working with metal, they mold hardened filler to panel and then by filing, grinding, and sanding, they mold into into the correct shape.

In large repair shops, repair specialists work together with painters, and once the repair work is completed, the parts and panels that were fixed begin the prime-and-paint process. In smaller garages, they may sub with an vehicle painter and send the car to their shop for painting. Auto repair shops repair or replace glass windows and windshields too.

Look for one with a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) designation. While this certification program is voluntary, it ensures that the technician has completed training necessary; and is a universal industry credential. These credentialed technicians must keep up their status by continuing education, when eventually they receive Platinum or Master certification. To locate an auto repair shop in your neighborhood, go online and type in “auto repair” and your zip code.

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