Go Online To Find A Perfectly Fitted PS4 Skin

The PlayStation 4 has been a massive hit for Sony. With over 30 million units sold, it’s currently the undisputed champion of the console wars. Its only rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One, is a distant second, which hasa lacklustre showing of 15 million units since its launch. With all of those PS4s in living rooms and bedrooms all around the world, what are you planning on doing to stand out from the crowd?

Most gamers aren’t willing to look and play like every other PS4 gamer and neither do you. There’s a reason why you’ve spent hours personalizing your profile and gamertag. You want your gaming experience to be as individual as you are. You can’t spend all of your time tweaking your online personality and forget about reality. Your PS4 console needs some TLC.

As this is new to you, you might not be aware that the best way to customize your system is by going online to find a skin. PS4 skins are customized pieces of vinyl that wrap lovingly around your console, providing complete coverage around the system—your DualShock 4 controller included. Don’t worry, it doesn’t interfere with any of the analogue toggles, buttons, or even the touchpad . That’s because the best selection of PS4 skins are made out of 3M vinyl.

This ultra-thin material is exactly what you want on your precious PS4. It’s fine enough that it can get into every nook and cranny of your system without causing technical problems or covering important fans. Its construction makes it incredibly easy to apply—time and again, if you can get it right the first time. It doesn’t use any gummy adhesive that can leave behind residues, so you can readjust an old PS4 skin or apply a new one without any difficulties.

But most importantly, what makes the vinyl material of PS4 skins so great is their versatility. When engineered by talented skin designers, they can take on a variety of colors and textures to make your console pop. Mix and match colors to make a truly unique console, matching it to your gamertag or your favorite character in Skyrim. Or don’t—that’s the beauty of these skins, there’s one for everyone. You can even customize a zebra wood PS4 skin so that your console seamlessly blends with your interior design scheme.

Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have the most unique PlayStation 4 out of all of your friends—maybe even out of all 30 million PS4 owners! You won’t know until you start looking. You don’t even have to put your system away to do it. Just open up your browser on the PS4 and start your search for a personalized skin today!