Great flooring choices for your nursery

Build the perfect relaxation and play space for your baby from the bottom up by choosing the ideal flooring for your little one’s new nursery. Making the right choice can seem quite difficult, however, given all of the different functions that you probably want the flooring to perform.

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You may want something that looks warm and cosy but is also easy to clean and not a magnet for dust and dirt. You might also be thinking about the future and the need to cater for an enthusiastic crawler or rambunctious toddler. So, what flooring should you go for and what should you consider when making the right choice for you, your home and your baby?

Comfort and cleanliness

You may want to create a homely room where you will sing lullabies as your toes dig deep into cosy shag pile, but deep and luxurious carpet may not be the best choice if that gloriously relaxing room will eventually become a play den for an excitable – and very messy – toddler. A better option might be easy-to-clean and versatile white laminate flooring. Rugs can then be added to add comfort and protect little knees.

Keeping a clean and dust-free nursery can be especially important if your baby is prone to allergies or if you want to minimise the possibility of snuffles affecting both your child’s sleep and your own. Advice on allergies and new babies can be found on the Allergy UK website at

Colour and pattern

You don’t need to be restricted to blue for boys and pink for girls but it is a good idea to choose colours and patterns that will withstand the test of time. It is much easier to add a different rug to a quality neutral floor from companies such as than it is to rip up the whole thing as your baby grows and your tastes change. Go for calming colours that also look both clean and fresh.

Moisture and mess resistance

If you are the cautious type, you may want to consider having some type of moisture resistant flooring in the nursery. This can be particularly beneficial if you are not planning to make changes for several years and the floors are likely to have to cope with water play, potty-related accidents and night-time juice spills.