We know how to harvest fruit but what about rubber

Rubber can be found in both natural and synthetic forms and is used for a variety of items including tyres and in Rubber Injection Moulding. Rubber injection moulding companies will utilise the type of rubber that is best for their needs and most sustainable.

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Here are some interesting facts about how natural rubber is harvested.

  • Natural rubber is mainly created from the sticky white latex substance that oozes from the Rubber tree when it is cut.
  • Small incisions are made into the bark of the tree and buckets are placed below the cuts to collect the latex as it drips down the tree trunk.
  • The latex liquid is collected regularly to prevent it from coagulating.
  • It is collected and transported to coagulation tanks or air tight containers that hold the latex in its colloidal state for as long as possible.

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  • The coagulated latex is processed into rubber blocks that can then be used for a variety of items and manufacturing processes.
  • Natural rubber can be vulcanised which is where the rubber is heated and chemicals are added to increase the elasticity and resistance of the rubber. This is to help prevent the rubber from perishing too quickly. It is this process that gives us car tyres.