How landlords should deal with end of tenancy cleaning

Managing end of tenancy cleaning is often a time-consuming and tiring task for landlords. Whether you choose to clean the property yourself or hire a specialist cleaning company, your rental property must be in good condition for the next tenants. Here is our guide to how landlords should deal with end of tenancy cleaning.

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Using a tenant’s deposit for end of tenancy cleaning

A landlord may be able to pay for the cleaning costs of the property at the end of the tenancy by using the tenant’s deposit. This can include hiring a professional cleaning company, but only in the event that the home is not cleaned to the standard in which it was found before the tenant moved in.

Before deducting funds from the tenant’s deposit to cover cleaning charges, conduct a final inspection of the home and advise your tenants of any concerns or issues. Their agreement must be given for any deductions from the deposit.

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Who should conduct the cleaning?

The decision whether to hire a cleaning company or do the cleaning yourself depends on many factors, such as how much free time you have to carry out the tasks and the proximity in which you live to the rental property.

A professional cleaning company will save you energy and time; however, cleaning the home yourself is a more cost-effective option, especially if you have the tools and supplies to hand. It is also advisable for the garden to be tidied up.

It is vital that the home is clean throughout before your new tenants move into the property to ensure that the tenancy begins on a positive footing. Also, consider using property management software such as Property Deck property management CRM to ensure all processes of managing your rental home are conducted smoothly.

Your cleaning checklist

– If you are cleaning the property yourself, collect the required cleaning tools, supplies and equipment, such as a vacuum, rags and cleaning fluids.
– Clean the windows.
– Check for wear and tear.
– Remove cobwebs from the corners of rooms.
– Clean the fittings and fixtures.
– Steam clean any rugs and carpets.
– Thoroughly clean the kitchen.
– Fully clean the bathroom.