How to Adapt a House for an Elderly Person

As people get older, it becomes much more difficult to complete the basic tasks that we all take for granted. Perhaps you have an ageing relative, who although is sound of mind is finding some household tasks and actions more difficult lately. People prefer to stay in their own home rather than go into a care home, and there are lots of changes that you make to a home to allow for this and to make daily life much easier, safer and more enjoyable for an elderly person. Here are a few changes that can have a huge impact on quality of life…

For moving about in the home one of the most important things is to ensure that the lighting is good. As well as this, adding handrails to hold along a hallway will add some security. If the house has stairs, a company such as this stairlifts Bristol based supplier will be able to help you.

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Small things can make a big difference – a long handled shoe horn for putting on shoes, and a grabber to prevent the need for bending down are fantastic, as well as a cage for post to drop into so it doesn’t drop to the floor.

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In the kitchen there are lots of great little gadgets that can help with jobs. Cups with two handles, a kettle tipper and a trolley to move food and drink from room to room are all great ways to help with daily tasks.