How To Build A Good Remarketing Campaign

The remarketing with time is becoming very important for managers of many websites marketing element. This is due to the effect it creates on users and, of course, the ROI (return on investment) it offers us.

What is remarketing?

For the profane in this matter retargeting or remarketing, is based on the following process: a user enters a web site, using cookies (user information that is stored on the web) is detected the visit and when you browse other websites will appear Advertising (usually in the form of banners or texts) from the 1st web you visited just because you are using retargeting with you.

Where does this advertisement appear? As it appears on the websites (mostly) that have contracted a Google Adsense service:

  • Google AdSense: Service provided by Google, in which you (when you have a web of your own) cede a space to Google and its advertisers. If there are visitors who enter your website and click on one of these ads, they pay you for the clicks.

It is in these Google Adsense ads where the Retargeting campaigns are hosted in most cases. This normally produces a reaction on the user:

  • It gives you the feeling that you are advertised everywhere (if you do not know how retargeting works) and you will have more chances to finish a sale not made on the first visit.

What do you have to keep in mind?

What you have to take into account in these actions is the profitability they can give, to fix it you have to take into account these points:

  • Google will charge you for CPC, cost per click. So many impressions will come out for free.
  • You can get CTRs (clicks divided by impressions x 100) very high, 8% or more. It depends on each clear campaign…
  • The CPC will be the vast majority less than 1 euro (0.2-0.8 euros or so).
  • When you click, it will be the 2nd time you visit, which, more options for sale because they already know you.
  • Taking these premises, I think it is an important tool for any ecommerce that wants to increase its sales.

Forms in our actions

To elaborate a good Retargeting campaign, we must take into account the possible forms that our action can take:

1- By purchase cycle: If you know that your customer has a recurrence of purchase of approximately 2 months, you can schedule the campaign so that your customer is impacted every 2 months 

2- By categories: This is about showing you ads related to the product you already purchased. 

3- For complementary products: if you purchased a DVD player, we can impact you with the latest DVD movies for example.

4- For purchases not made: those users who had the product in the shopping cart and did not buy are likely to finish the process later.


Taking into account these scenarios I recommend the following observations:

  • Customize the message and announcement: You have nothing to do with a customer that we want to sell another product that in the end did not buy anything.
  • Do not chase the customer: there are certain users who are annoyed when they feel bombarded with advertising. It is good to let it rest, even temporarily.
  • Do not put users on any list rebound: These users may be that when they viewed our page it was not what they were looking for so better not to spend resources with them.
  • For highly targeted users use the email format: it can be very effective.