How to choose the right van about town

Choosing a van for your business is an exciting part of developing your brand. But hold on a minute! There is so much choice out there! In this article we take a look at which van will suit your needs the best.

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The best fit

The first thing you need to do is think business; quite obviously if you deliver flowers you may well need a different sort of van if the primary use of your van is to carry your tools round from job to job.

Questions questions

Once you have established your need, drill down and ask yourself where you will be driving your van – is a logo a useful edition or should you be considering Chapter 8 Chevrons – plus how often you will be using it and who will be driving it?

City slicker

If you are city based and you don’t transport bulky items, a car-derived van will likely hit the spot. You might even consider an electric van; zero emission driving (tick), no road tax (tick), no congestion charge (tick).

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Panel vans

Panel vans really are suitable for any number of small businesses including plumbers, plasterers, joiners, builders, electricians and decorators. You can even customise it! Check out

Small is best

There’s a whole host of reasons why small vans are a good choice; fuel efficiency and lower insurance are just two of the benefits.

Top picks
Here we take a look at some of the best vans currently available:

Citroen Berlingo – reliable, low fuel consumption;

Volkswagen Caddy – with its Front Assist Technology helping to lower insurance costs due to helping maintain safe distances, this van is a quality choice;

Fiat Fiorino – this van is the perfect choice for those working in cities where parking spaces are tight;

Renault Kangoo – with a load space of three cubic metres, the Renault Kangoo offers plenty of space for cargo;

Ford Transit Connect – a popular choice for van buyers, the Ford Transit Connect van comes with Emergency Break Assist as well as the optional Active City Stop in addition to rear view cameras and sensors for parking. If you choose a diesel version, you could see anything up to 70 miles per gallon, making it super efficient.