How to Get the Most from Your Solicitor

Getting the most from your solicitor is an important business, not least because it can save you both time and money. Some of the best ways to do this are outlined below.

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Be Honest

First and foremost, be open and honest when you are dealing with your solicitor, whether this is your local Gloucester solicitors or one working on your holiday home in Spain. You should be clear at each and every point, clarifying what you expect them to do and what the outcome is that you are hoping to achieve.

Cost Implications

You should always understand how much your instructions are likely to cost, meaning that you need to correlate the instructions you give with the associated cost implication. This may affect eligibility for legal aid, for example, or have an impact if your legal fees are being paid for by another organisation. You can read more about legal aid at

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Take Notes

Ensure that you take notes of every conversation that you have with the solicitor and any other employees of firms such as This should include date and time, who you spoke to, what was said and any actions or deadlines that were agreed upon. These can be exceptionally useful in terms of any current cases you are dealing with, as well as if you need to refer to them in the future.

Keep Paperwork

Act like a squirrel and keep all paperwork, including emails. You should also make sure that you read through all paperwork properly and ask for help if you don’t understand anything.

Send Safely

If you have to send important documents to your solicitor, make sure that you use the most secure methods available, such as using recorded delivery. Make sure that they have been received and keep your record of receipt. You can also ask that documents be returned in the same way that they were sent.

Following these tips should ensure that you achieve the best possible service and outcome from the solicitor that you choose. It will also mean that if something were to go wrong and you found yourself in a position where you needed to make some sort of complaint in the future, you are more likely to face an easier process and get a better result in the end.