How to Have a Good Garage Clear Out

With so much more time to spend at home this year it is a good chance to make the most of it and get all of those big jobs done. With a bit of luck once everything goes back to normal, we can then emerge from lockdown with perfectly organised and well decorated homes!

In many homes, the garage is one of those rooms that we prefer to keep out of sight and out of mind – but a well organised garage will make a huge difference to your home, and once you have done it you will feel so much better!

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The first thing to do when organising a garage is to clear it out first. You will probably find a lot of stuff that you no longer need or want. Make three areas, one for stuff you want to keep, one for stuff that is good condition, but you no longer want and one for rubbish.

Whilst the garage is empty, this is a good time to give it a bit of love. Give it a good clean, and a coat of fresh paint. You could even treat yourself to some new garage doors from somewhere like garage door installation Barnett based company Garage doors R us.

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Before you go ahead and put everything back in, think about how you can make more use of the space you have with good storage solutions. Shelving is a good idea for a garage, and if you use it to store bikes, have a look at bike storage that can be wall or ceiling mounted.