How to transform your bathroom into a spa

When describing your bathroom, ‘spa-like’ may not be the first words that come to mind. Your dream bathroom might be a full remodel away, but by taking a cue from the spas and saunas, you can create a more relaxed space. Grab some luxury towels and scented candles, as it’s time to teach your bathroom how to relax.

Go green

Spas are all about nature, healing and relaxation so introduce some tranquil greenery into your bathroom. Ornamental plants, hanging plants or fresh flowers – whatever you find beautiful.

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No spa at home is complete without the tools of the trade. Treat yourself to a proper brush, natural sea sponge or original loofah for ultimate pampering that can double as decoration. Remember to check out Bathrooms Swindon at a site like MP Tiles for a variety of Bathrooms Swindon design ideas.

Use natural aromas

To mimic aromatherapy in a steam room, introduce some fresh eucalyptus, which can be found at the florist. Some recommend tying bundles to the shower head so the steam will bring the sinus-clearing aroma through the entire room.

Top It Off

Rest a wooden caddy over your tub to hold a book, a candle and a mug of tea or glass of wine to unwind with. Team up with a display of luxury fluffy white towels and you could be in an exclusive spa!

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Better bathmat

The moment you replace an old fabric bath mat with a sophisticated wooden slatted board, your bathroom will instantly feel more like a spa.